MAKEUP MONDAYS: Makeup Declutter and Detox

Hi everyone,

It’s that time of the year where I like to declutter and discard any old makeup products and I cannot stress enough how important it is to let go of your favourite mascara you’ve had for over a year!

I was a little lazier this year and missed my annual Spring Clean, but this summer I’m determined to let go of some old makeup (NOT to buy more products, but that may or may not happen! haha)

This table below is a great guide for deciding whether to toss that product! (Its from the PopSugar website)

Powders (including blushes, bronzers, and shadows) Two years
Cream shadows and blushes 12-18 months
Oil-free foundation One year
Cream compact foundation 18 months
Concealers 12-18 months
Lipstick and lip liner One year
Lip gloss 18-24 months
Pencil eyeliner Two years
Liquid or gel eyeliner Three months
Mascara Three months

If you’re anything like me, you may have a hard time letting go of your makeup products, but what I like to do – is have a toss pile of expired makeup and then make a little basket of products that you’ve purchased and tried, but maybe find that the colour or skin finish doesn’t work for you AND ask your friends to take a little look, chances are they might love it and use it.

There’s nothing lovelier than sharing the makeup love around, one lipstick at a time… (Wow, that should be an advertising slogan or something!) Anyway I’m rambling….

Happy makeup cleaning!



MAKEUP MONDAYS: Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lipliner and Lipstick Review

Hello everyone!

Apologies it has been a very long time since I’ve posted! I recently purchased the Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk lipliner and the lipstick after eyeing up this nude colour for years.

I feel like you can never have too many nude lipsticks and this meme perfectly sums up my relationship with nude lipsticks haha!


So back on topic…. This Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is the absolute perfect nude and I’ve been wearing it everyday since I bought it for a week and a half.

You can purchase Charlotte Tilbury products online or in store at Selfridges. The lipliner retails for £16 and the lipstick is £24.

For best results – lightly outline the shape of your lips and fill your lips in accordingly. Then apply the lipstick on top. The lipstick is creamy and has a beautiful natural finish. I think it will look great on fair to medium skin tones and it’s perfect for the evening and daytime.


Let me know if you have any other Charlotte Tilbury makeup recommendations, I’m so intrigued to try more products!



MAKEUP MONDAYS – Why I wear makeup #personalpost

Hi everyone,

This post is a little different but I’ve been thinking of writing a post like this….

I’ve been interested in makeup since my 14th Birthday. I remember my Mum taking me to Selfridges in Central London and walking around all the brightly lit makeup counters looking at all these products feeling overwhelmed, mesmerised and intrigued all at the same time, because I couldn’t imagine using all of these products on my teenager face.

I vividly recall, purchasing my first two makeup products from Benefit, there was a lipgloss (because that was all the rage in the 2000s) and a cream eyeshadow. I remember feeling so happy and excited to try them out when I got home!

I always experimented with makeup and played around with colourful eyeshadows not knowing exactly what I was doing, but I found the process fun and exciting throughout my teenage years. I had the Bobbi Brown Teenage Makeup Guide and that was like a Bible to me. I learnt all the tricks including how to apply –  lavender and khaki eyeshadows and eyeliner was so much fun!

I never applied makeup everyday until I was in my last year of school, because this was when I got contact lenses. I would only apply some light concealer, kohl eyeliner and bronzer, because my skin is super pale, and that was it! It was never because I had to cover up my skin, felt shy or insecure if I didn’t have anything on, but because I liked the process and it gave me a little boost of confidence in the morning. I felt I looked more awake.

Throughout university and presently at work, I apply my makeup for 10 minutes every day. That’s the only amount of time I allocate in the morning. This is not because I have to, but simply because it completes my morning routine. It falls after my shower and before breakfast. If I skip the makeup application, I feel like I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth (which is gross)

I’ve been asked recently why I’m interested in makeup and skincare and why I care about my appearance, is it a confidence issue? Am I trying to impress someone in particular? Am I insecure or need to have constant reassurance?

My answer is NO-

No I’m not insecure about my bare face and I feel completely comfortable in my own skin and would wipe off my makeup in front of anyone if they asked me to.  It’s never been about wanting to change my appearance or the way I look. I find the process entirely therapeutic. Applying makeup brushes to the skin, adding definition to the face is simple artistry. It’s like painting a picture. As you get older, your face changes and you can see this in the lines of your skin and facial features, I love changing up my makeup routine and enjoy trying out new products.

Here’s my message for you – Don’t ever feel that you NEED to put makeup on unless you want to and there’s no point applying makeup for anybody else. Confidence is something which everyone struggles with, me included. Viewing beauty blogs with an instagram and pinterest worthy definition of beauty is not everything!

Be true to yourself, but NEVER ever try to impress anyone by wearing makeup for them. You’re only sexy and confident if you feel like it.

That’s my ramble for the day over.


MAKEUP MONDAYS: Glowy, Dewy Summer Strobe Cream

Hi everyone,

One of my cult beauty products has to be MAC’s Strobe Cream. It’s back in my daily circulation with summer in Hong Kong practically here. It’s about 30 degrees and scorching hot! However, that being said, there’s something so gorgeous about glowy, dewy sun-kissed skin.

I can’t recommend this product enough, I personally apply the strobe cream to the areas of my face which I want to glow. If you want a subtle approach only apply to the cheekbones and then apply your foundation and concealer as per normal.



This strobing chart is very useful!

Let’s bring back glowy skin and put away our matte products. Nothing says summer like dewy skin. I’ve heard MAC has a whole range of strobe creams, I have yet to check this out! Does anyone have any recommendations for which one to get?


MAKEUP MONDAY – Huda Beauty Socialite Liquid Lipstick

Hi everyone,

Have you tried the Huda Beauty Socialite Liquid Lipstick? It’s genuinely amazing. I wasn’t sure what to think of the metallic lip trend, and wanted a subtler approach. This is the perfect soft pink with that unbelievable glossy shine and the product lasts all day. I’ve applied two layers to my lips and waited for them to dry, after an entire day of work which includes lunch time, the colour still stays on the lips.


I’m so obsessed with this colour, I’ve been wearing it for the past couple of weeks!

Let me know if you have any Huda Beauty liquid lipstick favourites! I’m loving this product.


MAKEUP MONDAYS – HudaBeauty Liquid Mattes Review

Hi everyone,

Apologies for not posting last week, I have a ton of new makeup/cosmetics I’ve recently purchased and can’t wait to share with you what they are!

I’ve been so excited to try out the Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes and I picked up the shades Bombshell and Trendsetter.





Smell – Not as pleasant as Kylie’s, (I really like the smell of cake!) but definitely not unpleasant or particularly smelly.

Texture – Amazing, far superior and dries very quickly. One swipe and the colour stays on for most of the day, maybe a top up after a meal and drinking after 4/5 hours.

Colours – I love the colours and how they easily match a lot of different skintones.

Would I repurchase other shades? 100% yes, I’m considering trying the new shade in Socialite, as nothing sounds more luxurious than a rose gold metallic shade.

Have you tried any HudaBeauty products? If so, what would you recommend?


MAKEUP MONDAYS: Evening Favourites!

Hi everyone,

Seasons are changing and so is the condition of my skin and hair. Hong Kong is becoming more humid, and this year I want to get ahead of the game and start looking after my skin now in preparation for summer.

I’ve been using my Belif eye cream under my eyes to relieve stress and minimise the visibility of my capillaries.

The gold mask is a MUST MUST MUST have, I’m onto my second pack and I love that silky, dewy look I get the morning after.

The facial oil is back on rotation and I’m using this only at night, so that the rosehip oil gets fully absorbed into my skin.

For hair, I’ve given the Ouai finishing creme another go and I’m enjoying the thickness it brings to my hair, as well as the softer finish.

John Frieda’s Frizz Ease is a must have – Did I forget to mention that Hong Kong is REALLY humid? No it’s perfect to taming my long hair.


What are your go to products at the moment?