Thrifty Thursdays – BaByliss Boutique Soft Waves

Hey guys,

So I’ve been obsessed with big, soft waves recently and I came across this BaByliss curler on Asos (I didn’t even know they sold things like this)! When I bought it a few weeks ago, it was being sold for £32 – but now it’s £40 (strange)! Anyways, it gives you the most lush, amazing curles ever. It’s so easy to use, it comes with a heat protective glove and case and it seems to be excellent quality. It heats up in less than a minute and you can change the heat setting to whichever one you prefer. It also comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 13.00.33.png

This is what the curler looks like,

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 13.01.57.png

this what the models hair looked like,

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 13.06.58.png

and this is how it turned out on my hair.

I definitely highly recommend this product to anyone who wants effortless, soft curls. Also, if you live in Hong Kong (not sure about other places in the world that are outside the UK) you get free delivery.

If you have any other curlers that you use and love please let me know!

Sasha xx



Thrifty Thursdays – Marc Anthony bye bye frizz keratin smoothing conditioner

Hey guys,

So normally I’m not a conditioner person but I’ve been spending some time in the jaccuzi because it’s been SO cold and I think the chlorine has been making my hair really rough. So I was looking around for a new conditioner (because I think the last time I used conditioner was back in 2012 and it was the pink and black L’oreal one which made my hair super straight but feel heavy and look a bit static). Plus lately ever since my recent hair cut I’ve been feeling like my hair is more frizzy than usual so when I saw this keratin smoothing bye bye frizz shampoo but Marc Anthony I just had to try it!Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 19.50.43.png It comes in a massive bottle (250ml) and it was so inexpensive at just HKD$80.

After I shampooed my hair with warm water, not cold and definitely not hot (hot water damages your hair), I took a pea sized amount and started working it into the ends of my hair and worked upwards to about my ears. My hair has not only been frizz free, but soooo soft too. I’m not crazy about the smell of this conditioner (smells like chemicals), but once it’s rinsed off my hair it leaves no scent so I’m ok with that.

I definitely think this is a must buy, especially if you have dry or damaged hair or if you live in a super humid place like I do.

Sasha xx

THRIFTY THURSDAYS: January 2017 Favourites!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to recap all of the products I have used and loved for this month. Hope you enjoy!!!


I use the Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating Essence Treatment daily. For best results, use the product straight after a shower, when all your pores are open up. I apply the product directly into my hands and gently tap the product into my skin in a circular motion. I love that this product actually heals  and eliminates scarring from spots and evens the different pigmentation in my skin. I have been using this product for the past 6 months and can genuinely see an improvement in my skin’s condition. I’ve recommended this to my friends and family and they’ve gone out and purchased a bottle too!


Green People Anti-Ageing Facial Oil  – I am obsessed with this product! It’s a dry oil, that warms up once you massage it into your skin. I use this in the evening’s if my skin is feeling particularly dry, as the product gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy. It’s organic and natural, and gives such a natural glow to the skin. I also use this oil on my lips before applying a liquid matte lipstick.

N.B – I tried out this video from snapchat. What do you think? Would you like to see videos like this with little snippets of how I use the products?


NYX HD Finishing Powder in Banana – This is undoubtedly the best pressed powder I have tried and I used to wear the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Transparent every day. This powder leaves the most natural mattifying finish and because its mineral, the texture does not leave dry patches on your skin. I was gutted that they have sold out in Hong Kong, I should have bought backups!


My lipliner and Glossy Stick duo – en Coleur in Plum and Bourjois ColorBoost in Plum Russian – I forgot how much I loved a plum duo, and wore this lip look out the other night. If you have pale skin and need a boost of colour on your lips, be a little bolder and braver and try a plum shade, it’s not as overpowering as a red lip, but really stands out!

NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tint in Rose Pearl – When I get really lazy in the morning,  a swatch of this all over the lid, really awakens the eyelids and it has a beautiful sheen and finish. It’s not too expensive and I think rose pearl is a trend on the rise, so we shall see!


Hope you like this post! What are your favourite products for January?



Hi everyone,

I took my sister and Mum to NYX in Mong Kok to pick up some products.

This is what I purchased –

So the concealer above is pretty incredible. I wasn’t in the market for a concealer, but the formula is moisturising and has a beautiful finish. Also the range of concealer colours is vast, so there’s a colour for pretty much all skin tones.

The lip liner is retractable and the colour is super pigmented.

The butter lipstick is nourishing and a great pop of colour on the lips. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re particularly sensitive to a slight waxy smell, but I’m a fan of NYX lip products, so I’m not too fussy !


THRIFTY THURSDAYS – Two Pink Purchases

Hi everyone,

I wanted a festive colour to wear, which was different from my usual matte nail polish shades, so I went sparkly, which if anyone knows me is quite shocking.

Etude House Play Nail in 303

It’s pink, sparkly and so gorgeous on the nails! Also it was $20HKD, that’s 2 quid. Amazing value for money. There’s nothing like sparkly nail polish and Christmas pyjamas in a photo.

Also Soap and Glory’s Gloss Stick in Pink Punch, is a bright pink, but really brightens up the face. It’s a fun and playful colour which encompasses the ongoing trend for dewy skin, a touch of eyeliner and a bright lip. I really like the texture of this as well. I think this retails for under 4 quid.



Those are my two pink purchases!



Thrifty Thursdays – My nyx fix (haul)

Hey guys,

So Divya and I went to Nyx the other day. I am so happy with the things we bought so her they are. All the prices are in USD.

  1. Banana powder, $10: this is amazing. It’s so finely milled and it’s so soft. It leaves my skin looking so flawless and I want to buy another one already!

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 00.04.49.png

2.  Deep wonder stick, $12: to be honest, I only bought this because I am obsessed with the Smashbox contour sticks which I can’t buy in HK and I forgot to tell my sister to bring me some, sooooo until I get more, I had to find a replacement. It’s not bad, I don’t like the waxy feel it has but I like the pigmentation and how easily it blends.

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 00.06.36.png

3. Cherry skies, $7: I love the colour of this and the feel of it. The finish is matte but it doesn’t leave my lips feeling chapped. They had a whole range of colours too so there’s something for everyone!

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 00.10.20.png

Sasha xx

Thrifty Thursdays – kiko mascara

Hey guys, 

So as I mentioned last week I went to Kiko and I got a mascara. This mascara has a wand like I’ve never seen before. This is the Kiko Milano: Volume Top Coat Mascara

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 19.33.54.png

When I use the mascara by itself or layered on top of another I see how it definitely lengthens my eyelashes. I prefer using it layered on top of another mascara as otherwise it’s very natural and looks like I’m not even wearing mascara (I love crazy long lashes, but if you want a more natural look then this is definitely for you).

The mascara was very inexpensive, although I can’t remember exactly how much it was. I love everything about it but I wish the formula was a little thicker. I leave the wand exposed for a few minutes before I apply it on each eye so the formula thickens up a little. Overall, I still recommend you buy this, especially if you want an easy and even application that looks natural on your top and bottom eyelashes. 

Sasha xx