MAKEUP MONDAY – Pink Glitter Eyeshadow for a Birthday Look!

Hi everyone,

It was my birthday a couple of days ago and last night I thought why not feel a little fancy and go all out and glittery for a Birthday look.

I absolutely love my EUnique Beauty Eyeshadow palette and really think it’s worth the purchase if you’re into creating a full-face glam look.

Taking the light pink shade on the left column, second from the top I patted the wet glitter onto my eyelid and put a little of the darkest pink glitter in the outer crease. I then blended a matte dark brown into the crease of my eyelid to add some shadow and dimension to the eyes. Finally I winged my eyeliner and layered mascara.

TIP: When creating any dramatic eye look, start by applying your eye makeup first before doing your full face, so that any excess glitter and shadow fallout can be easily taken away. When handling glitter, have cotton buds at the ready to dab at any glitter that falls.

For my face, I applied a thick foundation, creamy concealer and powdered my face. Contoured my cheeks using the Tom Ford Sculpt and Contour and then used a Sleek Highlighter for my cheekbones. On the lips, I’m wearing Kylie Candy K lipliner.



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