TRENDY TUESDAYS: Guide on how to buy good quality eyeshadow

Hi everyone,

I love my eyeshadow palettes and I really want to eliminate the myth that purchasing high-end makeup naturally means that the eyeshadow quality is better, because there are some fantastic less expensive makeup brands with very good quality eyeshadow too – e.g. Sleek, MaxFactor and L’Oreal.

Here’s a breakdown of my 3 stage eyeshadow test –

  1. PIGMENTATION – Take your finger and lightly swipe the eyeshadow. If the colour payoff is strong, meaning that the colour transfer is even and true to the colour (not streaky) then the eyeshadows will apply better.
  2. TEXTURE –  Some eyeshadows generally have a better texture than other brands and the test comes from swatching the product onto your skin and seeing the finish, how the eyeshadow looks in light and shadows. My favourite texture are the eyeshadows that change from a powdery finish to almost a creamy texture once blended.
  3. COLOUR – Look for unconventional colours, beautiful glitters and gorgeous metallic shades. You’ll figure out what colours are ‘special’ or ‘limited’ if you browse the makeup aisles and compare eyeshadow palettes.

I hope this is helpful! It’s how I go shopping for eyeshadow palettes.

My favourite brand at the moment is Zoeva and I’ve been wearing the Nude Spectrum Palette everyday for the past couple of months, it doesn’t disappoint!!




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