Thrifty Thursdays – Marc Anthony bye bye frizz keratin smoothing conditioner

Hey guys,

So normally I’m not a conditioner person but I’ve been spending some time in the jaccuzi because it’s been SO cold and I think the chlorine has been making my hair really rough. So I was looking around for a new conditioner (because I think the last time I used conditioner was back in 2012 and it was the pink and black L’oreal one which made my hair super straight but feel heavy and look a bit static). Plus lately ever since my recent hair cut I’ve been feeling like my hair is more frizzy than usual so when I saw this keratin smoothing bye bye frizz shampoo but Marc Anthony I just had to try it!Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 19.50.43.png It comes in a massive bottle (250ml) and it was so inexpensive at just HKD$80.

After I shampooed my hair with warm water, not cold and definitely not hot (hot water damages your hair), I took a pea sized amount and started working it into the ends of my hair and worked upwards to about my ears. My hair has not only been frizz free, but soooo soft too. I’m not crazy about the smell of this conditioner (smells like chemicals), but once it’s rinsed off my hair it leaves no scent so I’m ok with that.

I definitely think this is a must buy, especially if you have dry or damaged hair or if you live in a super humid place like I do.

Sasha xx


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