Trendy Tuesdays – What’s all the fuss about? – Korean sheet masks

Hey guys,

*Today’s post is by our featured guest blogger Sanchita.*

Being new to Hong Kong, I was very amused to see the influx of mainland Chinese roaming the streets of Hong Kong with huge suitcases.

What amused me even more was when I realized they weren’t just buying milk powder, but actually were lining up at Sasa, Watsons, Bonjour etc… to buy the latest Korean skin care products. 

With a love for skincare myself and the fact that everyone stocking up on these products had great skin, I set out to identify exactly what they were obsessing over.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard about Korean skincare by now as not only in Asia, but even in the US, people are raving about the routine and honestly it can be a bit confusing.

But, the fact that many of us reading this blog live in Hong Kong and have direct access to these products, we must take advantage of that.

So let’s take it one product at a time.

After literally stalking several people (yes, literally), I came to find out there were several common products they were all purchasing, and I tried and tested one of the best ones.

Here are the deets:

What is it: N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask

Ok, what does that mean: It is basically a sheet mask, an essential step of the Korean skin care routine, that contains an ampoule, which is a highly concentrated serum, to help target a certain skin issue- In this case its dehydration.

Ampoules come in liquid forms as well that you can purchase in bottles, but what a sheet mask does is it places a lot of this ampoule on a sheet so when applied on your face it has a supercharged and immediate effect on your skin, Like a quick pick me up, for your face.

So what’s in it: You can find sheet masks targeting many different concerns, as this one targets lack of moisture, the main ingredients include, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin. These ingredients are actually what your skin produces, and when there is a lack of it, due to pollution, stress, hormones etc…, your skin feels dry.

How do you use it:

·       Like all sheet masks, first step is to start with a dry, cleansed and toned face.

·       Take one sheet mask packet, remove the mask and place it on your face.

·       Important: don’t throw the packaging just yet. There is a lot of ampoule still left inside the packet. Take it out and you can rub it on your arms, neck or any other part of the body.

·       Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes (make sure it doesn’t get dry ).

·       Remove the mask, throw it away, and rub in the leftover essence on your face.

·       If you are doing the mask in the day, wait a few minutes then add moisturizer and/or sunscreen. If you are using the mask at night, you can leave as is or add moisturizer on top to seal the moisture.

How often should you use it: This is really up to you as it is not a part of the daily skin care routine, but whoever uses sheet masks tend to use them minimum twice a week.

Suitable for: All skin types, but mainly those with dry skin as its main target is to hydrate the skin. But hey, in this cold weather, we all need a little moisture in our lives.

My review: I absolutely loved this mask after trying it the first time. I have very dry skin and whenever I feel that my skin is too dry, I apply this mask and I feel like my skin is hydrated and rejuvenated. I love using it before and after I travel because it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the flight and I don’t even need to add extra moisturizer during the journey.

Where to get: They come in packs of ten and can be purchased at Sasa, Bonjour, Watsons, Mannings or any Chinese pharmacy. You will find it cheapest at a Chinese pharmacy for only 58HKD for a pack of ten. Very unlikely that you can find a single mask to try at a store but sometimes they do have it at a higher price per mask. My suggestion, get a packet and share it amongst friends.

Please Note: As we all know, everyone’s skin is different, so what might suit one of us might not suit the other. For example, this mask contains witch hazel, which is a key ingredient in many skin care products known to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. However, some people find this plant extract too strong for their skin and can break out.

Remember: It’s all about finding what is right for your skin.

Let me know if you guys want to know more about other products that are flying off the shelves that are a must try.

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