Thrifty Thursdays – lip hacks: easy, quick and cheap

Hey guys,

Firstly, I know as the weather gets cooler and the wind gets drier our lips tend to chap. So instead of just slathering on vaseline and assuming it will fix your problem (although it most likely will), if you gently exfoliate your lips first with some sugar or salt by rubbing gently in little circular motions all over your lips and then applying vaseline – you’ll have removed all the dead, chapped, dry skin and you’re speeding up the process for your new layer of skin to grow which will be less painful and less likely to get chapped again.

Also, I know the matte lips are still really in this season and to be honest, some of the best products are either: really expensive, non-accessible, dry your lips out or come in a limited range of colours. So instead, put on your favourite non-matte lipstick and then hold a tissue against your lips and have a powder brush with translucent powder on it and brush over the tissue. I swear this doubles every lipstick you have into owning a matte version too.

Lastly, if you’ve been struggling to find the perfect nude for you – then look no further. Smear the tiniest bit of your foundation on your lips and it’s always the perfect nude.

Hope this helps you,

Sasha xx


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