Thrifty Thursdays – kiko mascara

Hey guys, 

So as I mentioned last week I went to Kiko and I got a mascara. This mascara has a wand like I’ve never seen before. This is the Kiko Milano: Volume Top Coat Mascara

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 19.33.54.png

When I use the mascara by itself or layered on top of another I see how it definitely lengthens my eyelashes. I prefer using it layered on top of another mascara as otherwise it’s very natural and looks like I’m not even wearing mascara (I love crazy long lashes, but if you want a more natural look then this is definitely for you).

The mascara was very inexpensive, although I can’t remember exactly how much it was. I love everything about it but I wish the formula was a little thicker. I leave the wand exposed for a few minutes before I apply it on each eye so the formula thickens up a little. Overall, I still recommend you buy this, especially if you want an easy and even application that looks natural on your top and bottom eyelashes. 

Sasha xx 


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