Trendy Tuesdays – Origins GinZing mask

Hey guys!

There has been such a huge hype and buzz around this skin care item lately from Origins. It’s the GinZing peel of mask and this is what I thought of it.

First off, this was a lot of money. I paid $260HKD for such a tiny tube of product (tube much smaller than my hand). Secondly, I don’t mind unscented products – I actually prefer them because they have less chemicals but this smells a little funky. Third, it was extremely difficult to work with this product as it dries so quickly. And lastly, it just really hurt when I had to pull it out and I didn’t even feel refreshed. I do not recommend you buy this (please don’t get allured by the cool coppery/rose gold Instagram face masks – definitely not worth your money).

On the other hand, I did try the sample that I got ‘Out of Trouble‘ which is a 10 minute mask to help problem skin (as mine has been this week and I am very satisfied with how calm and rejuvinated it has left my face).

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 21.01.39.png

Sasha xx


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