MAKEUP MONDAYS -Combatting redness and achieving an even complexion

Hi everyone,

My skin tone is fairly pale, and I have faint freckles around my nose, but I’ve always had redness, which gets particularly worse when drinking a glass or more!

My holy grail product is the – L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream. I call this the green cream, because when the product comes out of the tube it’s a pale green colour. When you blend this into your skin, it changes to fit a generic skin colour. It’s best to check whether this product works with you skin tone, as it doesn’t work for all.


So the CC Cream covers up the redness, but my skin still need some sort of powder to conceal some of the freckles, I don’t mind showing a couple here and there. The next thing I use is the BareMinerals Powder in Light to buff no more than a 5p coin or 50 cents HKD into my skin.


Then I’ll finish off with my Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard and that’s it – a foolproof guide to combatting the redness.


Do you suffer from redness and what products do you recommend?



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