MAKEUP MONDAYS – My special NARS Makeup Experience

Hi everyone,

Last Thursday, I had a very special makeup experience at the NARS flagship store in Central Hong Kong. I had booked my makeup appointment three months in advance. The leading Nars makeup artist, Gillian flew in from Canada to give a private tutorial to those that booked.


After the makeup assistant prepped my skin using the multi-action hydrating toner, he massaged my face using the luminous moisture cream which is especially good for dry skin like mine. He also mixed a little bit of oil, because my skin is super dry. The most luxurious feeling was the ‘total replenishing eye cream’ which was dotted using a ring finger under my eye. There is an instant brightening effect.

To prep my skin with a foundation base, I asked for full coverage, because that’s what I normally go for. The makeup assistant applied Deauville (Light 4) in their Sheer Glow Foundation and set the makeup using pressed powder.

TIP – Using a small buffing brush, he pressed the mineral powder under my eye and all over my face. This sets the makeup and actually using a smaller surface area of the brush, applies the product much better.

For concealer, I was matched to the Honey shade, which has full coverage as well, because my dark circles after a long week at work were pretty terrible.


Then Gillian started to work her magic on my face! I asked for something different, a look which I don’t normally go for (my signature is soft eyeshadow and a liquid winged eyeliner)

She started to use a dual intensity eyeshadow all over the lid, in the shade “Rigel”, which she wet slightly to give a metallic foil eyeshadow effect. It’s a soft rose gold colour. Then she took the duo-eyeshadow in St-Paul-de-vence and using the lighter shade to go through the crease and blending this right up to just before the eyebrow. The darker shade was used in the outer v to intensify the look.
For a more natural look, a brown eyeliner was used both under and in my lashline.  Also the most amazing mascara which I redeemed from my makeover session – it’s the Audacious Mascara in Black. My lashes were coated and extended so that they curled and I loved it!

TIP – To elevate my everyday look, Gillian suggested taking a cream highlight under the brows, in the inner corner of my eye and under my eyes to really brighten the area.

After –

The makeup assistant continued to contour my face and applied a lipgloss and a berry lipstick in Scarlet Empress.

It was such an amazing experience and I loved learning and seeing how makeup should be applied specifically for my face. I highly recommend you take a masterclass if you’re a keen makeup junkie!



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