THRIFTY THURSDAYS – Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

Hi everyone,

One of my best friends swears that the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer is the best drugstore concealer and although I was intrigued, I never bothered to purchase the product, until recently and I wished I had bought it sooner!

The cushion applicator minimises using a brush. I just dot the product three times under my eyes and using the warmth from my ring finger blend the product into my skin.

(N.B. You should always use your ring finger when touching your under eye area, as this finger applies the least amount of pressure to a very sensitive area.)

It’s lightweight, blends easily, affordable and is the easiest concealer I have ever used. I use the shade Neutralizer.



My other way of using this great concealer is as an eyeshadow primer for glittery shades. I’ll outline my crease using an orange/brown toned eyeshadow and add the concealer to my eyelids. Once the concealer sets, which takes about 30 seconds, I’ll apply my glittery eyeshadow and add a winged eyeliner.

What’s your favourite drugstore concealer?



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