FASHION FRIDAYS – Why I won’t wear jeans again

Hi everyone,

I refuse to put on a pair of jeans, even though I used to wear jeans all the time. I think the last time I wore jeans was back in 2012 Christmas (I found a photo of me in jeans, that’s why it’s so specific) The reason is I found the most comfortable pair of jeggings and I just can’t wear anything less comfortable that them.

I can’t recommend enough the Uniqlo Leggings Pants Collection. They have such an array of coloured jeggings with pockets and they aren’t see through at all. The quality is great and you can sit down, squat, jump and move effortlessly without suffering from a builder’s bottom or even needing to wear a belt. In my mind, belt’s are overrated, it’s an extra accessory which I never thought was worth it. (okay, I’m digressing. I just don’t like belts!)

They’re so easy to wash and wear and comfort is my everything.

I’ll add they hug your butt perfectly! In case that’s what you were worried about haha


What are your favourite pair of jeggings?



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