TRENDY TUESDAYS – Trendy Stationery

Hi everyone,

My days of going to school seem like a long time ago, but the younger child in me is still exceptionally happy buying cute and cool stationery. It’s not a joke, I used to be really obsessed with the glittery and smelly gel pens haha! I remember buying new stationery every year for school at WHSmith and Rymans. I still think having nice stationery makes me more productive and focused!

Here’s a couple of my favourite items at the moment –

(1) Kikki K black notepad with a white pen – My school switched to whiteboards, but in Year 5, I remember some of the classrooms had a blackboard and theres something so nostalgic about having a black background and then using a white pen. It’s different and cool and I keep this notepad on my bedside table to jot any things to do.

(2) Kikki K leather notebook – I love how smart this notebook looks and it has a back pocket to put little notes. Theres also a slot for putting a pen, so you never have to worry about finding a pen when jotting notes. This is perfect for taking to meetings or swapping the internal notebook with other extra notebooks, depending on the subject.

(3) Typo – Oh Shit! – This is a fun to do list for shopping and I laughed so much when I saw it in the store that I had to pick it up.

(4) Typo – Map journal – I love journal bounded books and this print is gorgeous. Also my geography is terrible, so I thought maybe I could learn something from the cover, if I’m ever staring off into space.

(5) Franc Franc Pencil Case – The most frustrating thing about carrying a pencil case is that they can be bulky, but if I carry only one pen, then it slips to the bottom of my bag and it’s difficult to find. This is the perfect compromise, it’s flat and somewhat goes with my Kikki K leather notebook so I love pairing these together.

Hope you like this post on stationery. What’s your favourite stationery item at the moment?



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