Makeup Mondays: Skin Laundry Review

Hey guys!

I went to Skin Laundry a week ago for a facial and I wanted to share my experience. I’m not sure about Skin Laundry’s world wide, but in Hong Kong your first facial is free so I decided to try it out.

I have very sensitive and oily skin and I used to have really bad acne. My acne went away and became very manageable until two weeks ago when I got a dog and I broke out in loads of little bumps on my face. Since I had never done a facial before and my skin was weak and vulnerable I was unsure about whether I should go on with the appointment or not but I’m happy I did. When I first arrived there was a short questionnaire which asked me what my skins problem areas are/what I would want to get out of Skin Laundry. I ticked shriking large pores and acne scarring.

The entire appointment only lasted about 10-15 minutes and I was so surprised by how high-tech it was. I went into the room with the therapist and she removed my makeup, spoke to me and explained exactly what she was doing throughout the process (as I couldn’t see due to the goggles I was told to wear), and she was managing the power of the laser on my skin based on what I was telling her (whether it was painful/not). I was very impressed with how attentive and considerate the therapist was. Especially since I had a bunch of bumps on my face I was scared they might get more irritated but she assured me it would be fine.

Anyways, the actual lasers didn’t actually hurt that much, it was more of a sting. I was anticipating it to be a lot more painful based on what I’ve heard from friends who have used it, but I did smell burning (which was apparently the burning of bacteria on my skin). Since my skin is really sensitive, I did experience some discomfort/reddness/itchyness right after the treatment on the right lower side of my cheek. But after notifying the therapist she applied a cream to the area to cool it down. Within an hour the redness and itchyness subsided and most of the bumps that I had before the treatment were gone/going.

To be honest, I had a preconception I was going to hate this but I was so wrong. I loved it. It’s been exactly seven days since my treatment and although I definitely did notice my pores had shrunk for a two-three days after the treatment, it’s effects seem to be short lived. But perhaps that is something that becomes more permanent the more I do it? I do still think my skin looks brighter and more healthy than before I walked in. Although the therapist suggested I should go once a week, I wouldn’t personally go that often based on my sensitive skin. But, I would very happily go once a month.

Let me know if you’ve tried Skin Laundry and whether you think it’s worth getting a package there/somewhere better?

Sasha xx



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