FASHION FRIDAYS: 5 easy, cheap and exciting Halloween DIY’s

Hey guys,

I love watching YouTube, doing DIY’s and Halloween. So when I put them all together it’s like the best thing ever. I love eating candy, I love attempting to watch scary movies and most of all, I love dressing up! But, I don’t like going out to buy costumes anymore because I feel like it’s a waste. I’d much rather use clothes and accessories that I already own and make a costume. I know some people find this tedious but it doesn’t have to be hardest thing in the world. Here are my top 5 favourite Halloween-y videos on YouTube so far from this year.

  1. TheMakeupChair’s Easy Deer Makeup

    I love how simple she makes this look. I like how it’s not rushed and she goes through each step thoroughly. Spoiler alert: this is what I want to be for Halloween.

  2. BrittanyMarie’s Easy DIY Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Makeup, Hair + Costume!

    Skip to 1:30 to when the tutorial begins. She is amazing! Although characters like Harley Quinn usually put me off for Halloween because of how much work they seem to be, there are very few steps to doing it all.

  3. CuteGirlsHairstyles’s Unicorn Half-Up Hairstyle | DIY Halloween Costumes

If you’re a one of those people who are obsessed with unicorns then this is perfect for you! It’s fun, cute and so easy to do!

4. KaitNichole’s Half Skull Makeup Tutorial

I think this is one of those timeless Halloween looks which you can always fall back on. I like how few things you need to make this work!

5. MellySanchez’s Halloween Full Glam | Cat Face Makeup

Who here is guilty of being a cat? I have done this look far too many times. But here’s a nice updated version of the classic cat look.

I hope I have inspired some of you to have fun with your hair, makeup and costumes this Halloween!

Sasha xx


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