FASHION FRIDAYS – Coccinelle Grey Bag

Hi everyone,

I love handbags and I always have, even from a very young age. I’ve been wearing my grey Coccinelle bag nearly every day again (as it’s autumn and no longer will a little crossbody bag suffice) It’s so easy to match, great quality and fits quite a lot, without becoming too bulky.

I picked up this bag in Bicester Village in Oxfordshire. For those of you that don’t know, Bicester Village is a glorious outlet mall in the UK and pretty well know. I had never heard of the brand, but really like how stylish and beautiful their handbags are.

Coccinelle is a famous handbag brand in Italy and is known for quality production of leather accessories as well. Originating in 1978 in Parma, their handbags have ‘always been synonymous with sophisticated style and Italian design’

My bag is in a dark elephant grey saffiano leather. Saffiono Leather is very durable and not subject to general wear and tear the more often you wear your bag. There’s both a long strap and a short handle. The zipped pocket in the front easily fits a iPhone and a travel card. The gold zipper and detailing is well-designed. This piece is timeless and I can see myself using this bag for a very long time!



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