Thrifty Thursdays: 5 ways to make your lips (look) bigger

Hey guys!

Although there are a number of ways you can plump up your lips and enjoy that look, remember beauty comes from within and there is never any need to go to extremes to “fix” the way you look. These are gentle ways of giving an illusion or temporarily having bigger lips without going overboard. Please let me know if you have other tips/tricks and if you’ve tried any of these and what you think about them!

  1. DIY – home made lip  plumping serum, mix vaseline with cinnamon and apply little at a time to your lips (don’t want to cause an allergic reaction/burning sensation when there’s too much cinnamon). Some people leave this on overnight, others for as little as half an hour. Let me know how this works for you!
  2. Toothbrush – I’ve been using this trick for as long as I can remember. Get your dry toothbrush and lightly go over your lips in little circular motions, although it’s effects don’t last longer than 30 minutes this is effective, quick and cheap!
  3. Either buy or create your own silicone/ plastic device and stick your lips into it and suck. This really does work but there are some people who take this too far and end up hurting themselves, everything in moderation is okay, don’t go overboard!
  4. Countering on your lips. Use a darker lip liner and draw a line down the centre of your lips. Fill in the lips with a lighter colour so the outline and the line down the middle look subtle/natural. To make them look even bigger apply gloss right in the centre of the lips.
  5. Highlight and contour around your lips. Highlight your cupids bow and contour under your bottom lip – this will give the illusion of a much fuller lip!

Sasha xx


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