Trendy Tuesdays – portable mini clip-on selfie light

Hey guys!

I know so many people who take gorgeous selfies, and then there are mine which don’t look half as nice. But after spending time with them, I have come to realise it’s not necessarily their faces which are spectacular even in horrid lighting, it’s the portable mini clip-on selfie light! I know the lumie has been around for ages, but this light is even more amazing! Off the top of my head, these are a few reasons why…

  1. People won’t find out you’re a secret camwhore (even though, let’s admit it, most of us are)
  2. You can have a normal phone case and just clip this on like an accessory.
  3. It’s much cheaper than a lumie
  4. You can change the batteries when you need to
  5. It’s so small and easy to carry around with you
  6. You can vary how bright you want your light to be – it usually has three settings: low, medium, high.

Since I live in Hong Kong, these are quite easily accessible and very affordable. I know people who have gotten them for as little as $10HKD or as much as $120HKD (depending on where they got it from).

Ever since I’ve used my friends one I’ve wanted one for myself, but I haven’t bought one yet! But if you have tried this out please let me know what you think about it!

Sasha xx


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