MAKEUP MONDAYS – Rose Gold Makeup

Hi everyone,

I love the makeup trend of rose gold eyeshadow and think it’s definitely a style that’s on the rise.


How gorgeous is this makeup look?

How to achieve rose gold perfection….

(1) Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette  – Using the shades in the 3rd row from the top… Use the mauve/nude shade in the inner corners of the eye. Sweep the middle shimmery shade all over the lid and add the reddish shimmery shade in the outer corners in a v-shape. Follow with your favourite liquid black eyeliner winging it out at the end.


Other gorgeous Rose Gold products to try –

(1) Nars Eyeshadow in Kuala Lumpur


This is such a gorgeous duo of eyeshadows. I love Nars products, and the pigmentation is very special.

(2) Lime Crime Metallic Velvetines The Original Liquid Metallic Lipstick Blondie (Rose Gold)


If you’re more experimental with your makeup, then Lime Crime products are for you. I absolutely love the way this looks, but I definitely don’t think this is something you could wear on a daily basis.

(3) HourGlass Highlighter and Blush Palette


Just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Are you obsessed with rose gold and if so, what’s your favourite rose gold products?



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