Hi everyone!

I have quite a sensitive eye area and I’ve really struggled to find an eye serum and cream that is hypoallergenic, natural, with anti aging properties and depuffs and reduces my dark circles. Surely, it’s not a lot to ask!

I’ve tried many different formulas, but I haven’t found my favourite product. I saw that it was possible to create your own DIY eye serum and thought that’s a pretty great idea.

Here’s how you make it….

D.I.Y Eye Serum 

You will need:

  • lip balm jar or contact lens case
  • teaspoon
  • pure aloe vera gel – deflates eye bags and puffiness
  • vitamin e cream  – anti – aging and minimises wrinkles
  • green tea extract – tighten the blood vessels under the eyes and lightens dark circles
  • licorice extract – natural whitening to fade dark marks
  • rosehip oil – anti – aging and reduction of scarring


Method –

(1) Add  1 – 1.5 teaspoons aloe vera gel into the lip balm jar

(2) Add 10 drops of green tea extract & licorice extract. Add a couple of drops of rosehip oil Mix together well

(3) Add 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin E cream.

That’s it! Use for up to 3 months and then make a fresh batch! I’m going to try this out, once I get my hands on the products.


Let me know if you try this D.I.Y!



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