TRENDY TUESDAYS -5 Makeup Products that are trending

Hi everyone,

For Trendy Tuesdays, I thought I would share some products that are trending for Autumn 2016 in the makeup world. These are some products to sample or go out and purchase!

(1) KIKO High Pigment Wet & Dry Eyeshadow

The modern day eyeshadow has got to be highly pigmented, iridescent and has easy blend-ability. These KIKO individual shades are so beautiful. They’re advertised for staying power up to 8 hours, and have a powder to creamy application, which doesn’t fall into the creases of your eyelids.

The new element is that these eyeshadows can be applied both dry and wet. They’re multi-functional, which is great if you carry a small makeup bag and want to take your day look to a night time look. They have 4 different finishes in matte, pearl, satin and metallic!

(2) Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand

This is not advertised as a foundation, nor a concealer, but rather a “new kind of coverage”. The modern day woman is moving away from having a step by step makeup routine to applying less than 5 makeup items. It’s got the no makeup coverage and feels silky smooth. There’s no need for brushes either!

(3) Face Oil / Rosehip Oil

Face Oil is the new wave of skincare, and many celebrities and beauty gurus, swear that face oil is the way to achieve flawless looking skin. Personally, I don’t like the idea of smearing oil on my face, but my notion is misconstrued, as face oils are designed to be ‘dry oils’ as in leaving your skin feeling hydrated, but not greasy.

Only till recently, have I heard about rosehip oil and I’m intrigued. This oil is rich in fatty acids and contain Vitamin F, which promotes cell membrane regeneration. The properties include, anti-aging benefits, photo – aging benefits and reduces scarring. I’m really tempted to get my hands on rosehip oil and add this to my skincare routine.

(4) April Skin Magic Oil Tint

As Fall/Winter approaches, your lips need to feel nourished during the colder season. April Skin has released a lip tint/lip stain/lip oil which leaves your lips looking flushed, but oiled so that your lips don’t look chapped and heals them quickly. This is the new trend in Korean, but it’s making its way into the Western makeup market.

(5) Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil

Thank goodness natural looking brows are making a comeback, rather than perfectly brushed and filled in brows! Eyebrow pencils are angled now to perfect those eyebrows arches and on the other side, has a eyebrow spoolie to brush any stray hairs into place. It’s long lasting and easy to apply.

Let me know if you have any recommendations for Autumn/Fall 2016 and have you tried any of these products?





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