Fashion Fridays: Yeezy review

Hey guys!

I am not a conformist and this doesn’t bend when it comes to fashion too. I will only ever support something that I enjoy. With that being said, I am in love with Yeezys. I thought I would hate them because I am not a Kanye West lover, and I just assumed like most celebrity products, Yeezy’s would be over-hyped. I was wrong.

These shoes are so soft on the inside. As if regular trainers weren’t good enough. Imagine walking on a cloud, or marshmallows, or you know those super soft faux fur rugs? It’s literally the most amazing thing in the world. I would compare it to walking in Uggs but better (and yes, I am an Ugg lover).

I know it’s a splurge but I wanted to share my honest opinion as I heard the new line of Yeezy’s are being released this week. So if you’ve been saving up and you want to invest in good quality/amazing feeling trainers, BUY THESE!

Sasha xx


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