THRIFTY THURSDAYS- Amazing Face Mask for Dry Skin!

Hi everyone,

I was visiting my local SASA to purchase a face mask that I originally got as a sample and ended up buying 2 packs. (oops!) Truth be told, I never really bother to try out the random samples I get given, unless its a product that is well-known, or I’m familiar with the brand. For some bizarre reason, I was feeling a little risky. I’m always quite cautious as to what chemicals & products I allow on my face.  I’m glad I took a chance!

There is a promotion at the moment and for 2 packs with a SASA Vip card, it’s just $160HKD. (each pack has 6 masks) I think that’s a bargain!

Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask


I love this product, because it moisturises my super dry skin. There are three layers, a blue almost surgical mask material, the sheet mask and a white plastic layer. Once you peel off both the blue layer and the white plastic layer, the sheet mask is saturated with liquid. Placing it gently around your face, there is an instant coolness.

I leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes.

Just a tip – Never leave your face mask on till the mask is dry, as this apparently develops fine lines and wrinkles!

When I take it off, I feel like poking my skin, the way they do in those Fancl adverts (haha) She has the look of pure happiness and that’s how I felt with this mask!


There is the glowing dewyness and you’re skin feels instantly refreshed. I generally don’t like applying so many products on my skin so it feels sticky, but this mask is different – it feels like your skin is actually locking in that moisture, rather than the product just sticking to the surface.

This is genuinely the best sheet mask I’ve ever tried, and I have tried quite a few!

Let me know what your favourite face sheet mask is.





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