UNtrendy Tuesdays: how to ditch dark circles

Hey guys!

I know it may seem a little strange that this post would come under ‘Trendy Tuesdays’, but to be honest, it’s just so untrendy to channel our crazy racoon eyes, that I have decided to dedicate a whole post to this.

So yes I am guilty and one of those crazy racoons that I speak of, I have horrible black circles under my eyes. I know it’s due to bad sleeping habits/lack of sleep, but what can you do? Over the years,I have tried a number of concealers, from Maybelline’s age rewind, Benefit’s erase paste, Nars concealer sticks (which was my ride or die for a long time!), to Clea De Peau’s creamy concealers – not to mention the 100 inbetweeners that I’ve forgotten about now.

It’s become apparent though that no matter how good the actual concealer is, there’s another product that we need to be using first. Now, for you OG Candy Johnson, Elle and Blair etc. watchers out there, you probably know about this (like I did back in the day but I dismissed because I thought it was a pure waste of money). It’s the red concealer. I have been including it on and off in the last year when I do my makeup and WOW, what a difference it makes. I can honestly say that I’m impressed. I’ve only tried the Make Up For Ever/MAC ones but they are amazing and I cannot recommend them enough. I should also mention using your finger/a brush – at least for me- to blend the red concealer isn’t as effective as using a beauty blender. So please let me know if you’ve tried anything else to cover your dark circles and if there are excellent drugstore alternatives.

Sasha xx


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