TRENDY TUESDAYS – What’s better? Sponge, Makeup Brushes or your fingers?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been debating a lot recently about whether using a beauty blender, makeup brush or your fingers applies your makeup better. Perhaps, I should be more specific and consider, namely applying your everyday liquid foundation.

Of course it depends on the foundation and coverage you are seeking, so I’ve given it some thought and this is how I feel…

(1) For a flawless, and air brushed look

Try a beauty blender. I prefer using makeup brushes, but you just don’t get that even coverage, despite buffing with a makeup brush continuously into the skin. My issue with the beauty blender is the hygiene of it all. According to the instructions on the back of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion, it says, “Use damp or dry with liquid foundation. Wash every 1 -3 uses” If you were particularly vigilant about cleaning your beauty blender and deep cleaning once a week, then this option is perfect for you. One negative to point out- is that with a beauty blender you will go through your product more quickly, as a sponge by nature does absorb the product more readily.

However, I’ve watched professional makeup artists on youtube, use a damp beauty blender, by running it for a split second under water or using a water spray to lighten dampen the sponge. Often they will put the product on the back of their hand and dip the sponge into the product and lightly dab the foundation all over the face. The finish is exceptional, given that a sponge distributes the product evenly over its surface area.

I’m new to the beauty blender world and I think I would use this, only for a special occasion and not on a regular basis, it would seem too much hassle to go through the motions and I only allocate myself a maximum of 10 minutes in the morning to apply my makeup.

(2) Everyday foundation routine – 

Makeup brush, makeup brush, makeup brush! The key is picking the right one for the consistency of your foundation. I used to have a pointy makeup brush, which I used to use when I was younger. Back then, I used to go for a more fluid consistency and cake my face in the wrong foundation colour (too yellow for my skintone), but thank goodness I’ve learnt since then.

In our earlier post 5 Must Have Makeup Brushes , I mentioned the Real Techniques Buffing Brush which is still my saviour to applying my foundation in the morning. I can easily blend in the product in less than 5 minutes and have recommended this brush to so many friends, because of how good it is. The bristles don’t fall out, because they’re synthetic. The density of the bristles allows the foundation to stay on the tips which means you use less product and can buff this into the skin.

(3) In a rush, no clean brushes and touching up specific areas

Fingers. Of course, they’re the next best thing, because there’s no cost at all and you have 10 of them (well hopefully!) I wouldn’t use my fingers to apply my foundation, because I don’t like to apply too much foundation if I’m having a good skin day. As much as I love makeup, less makeup is more and it’s so good to let you skin breathe. I use my fingers to dab with my ring finger my concealer under my eye. The warmth from your fingers blends the products, conceals dark circles and acts like a sponge (beauty blender).


What’s your favourite way of applying your foundation? Let me know!





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