MAKEUP MONDAYS: Witch Blemish Stick review

Hey guys!

So, I know a lot of people get the occasional spot and most of us don’t give it much thought. But, as someone who has battled acne at a young age, a little spot to me is a nightmare. I am so particular with my face that I don’t like anyone to use my pillow but me, make sure my sheets are changed regularly, don’t share makeup, don’t touch my face etc etc etc. (if you want to see my how to avoid acne post, click here).

Anyways, no matter how careful I seem to be, spots still come my way every now and again. But, I am obsessed with this Witch Blemish Stick (which is £2.95 by the way)!!! I think it works wonders. I apply it on to clean skin right before bed and usually by the time I’m up in the morning, if it hasn’t completely disappeared, it’s shrunk to at least half the size and reduced the redness.

I cannot stress enough how much you need this in your life. Get it here.

Sasha xx


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