FASHION FRIDAYS – Corporate Lookbook

Hi everyone,

Before starting work, I struggled with the idea of forming a capsule work wardrobe. I looked at Pinterest for inspiration, but found the results surprisingly scarce. So I thought I would share my tips on dressing for a corporate workplace. I’m an aspiring lawyer and working in a corporate environment means that the clothing is a little more on the conservative side.

There are some clothing DOs and DONTs –

DON’T wear

denim, legging, t-shirts, jeans, see through tops, crop tops, sandals, sportswear, collarless shirts, shorts & sweatshirts

DO wear

tailored dresses, tailored trousers, short-sleeved trousers, skirts (of a decent length)


Here’s my lookbook for the week! Hope you enjoy it.

N.B. Yes, these photos are taken in the toilets, but they have a full length mirror with amazing lighting, so I’m not complaining!

LOOK 1: Tailored Black Dress with a Black Blazer & Black Loafers

Dress – AWear (this brand is no longer in operation) but any tailored black dress will look good. It’s important to pay attention to the length of the dress. So you can’t tell from the photo but the slit goes up higher, but nothing too revealing ! Any dress that skims the kneecap is an appropriate length.

Blazer – G2000 – This is my favourite blazer and I wear it all the time! It’s fitted and suits my body shape. You never know whether you’ll have to go for a meeting or go to court, so many of the lawyers have a blazer at work just in case.

Shoes – ZARA – These black loafers are really cool. I was heavily inspired by the style of the Gucci Loafers and I like the 90s vibe this gives. None of my friends like them haha, but I really think they look smart and I sometimes like the androgynous look.

LOOK 2: Fitted Trousers, Blazer and Shirt & Black Loafers

Black Blazer – G2000

Shirt – New York Company – I love the quality of these shirts and how if you wear a button up shirt, they have an extra button around the bust area to stop revealing that awkward gap

Trousers – Mango – Invest in a pair of fitted trousers. It took me 2 years to find trousers that complement my legs and hips. I didn’t like the way I looked in trousers, but honestly – when the temperature gets cooler or you don’t feel like wearing a skirt, trousers are the best option.

Shoes – Zara

LOOK 3: Black blazer, blue blouse and a black skirt 

Blazer- G2000

Blue blouse – Marc Jacobs. I have this classic style blouse in three colours, blue, black and a baby pink. It’s so versatile to invest in a couple of non-printed staple pieces. I rotate the top colours as and when I feel like it.

Black skirt- G2000

Shoes- Zara

LOOK4- black blazer, dark blue blouse and black skirt 

So this is basically the same look as above, but with a different shirt- this is a Tommy Hilfiger blue blouse with faint red stripes.

Hope you like this corporate style lookbook!



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