Hi everyone,

Sasha and I thought we would do the this or that summer edition questions. Hope you enjoy!

This Or That Summer Edition Questions

Questions Divya Sasha
1. Ocean or Pool


Pool – the ocean is salty  Both. I love to swim, so water sports and lie in the sand.
2. Beach Vacation or Wilderness


Beach vacation – I don’t think I can make it in the wilderness. I like the idea of nature, but I don’t feel like its for me haha Beach for sure! I’m definitely not comfortable in rural areas, let alone the wilderness.
3. Watermelon or Strawberries


Watermelon for the summer  Watermelon.I’m allergic to strawberries.
4. Bikini or 1-piece


1 piece – I’m not a bikini person  One piece. I like  monokinis the best because they’re kind of a mix of both.
5. Lemonade or Iced Tea


Iced lemon tea? Ahaha does that count?  Iced tea all day every day, no sugar. Best ones are from Dan Ryans.
6. Hotdogs…grilled or over a fire


Hotdog grilled – mhmm I miss having a BBQ.  I’m a vegetarian and I don’t think I’ve ever had a veggie hot dogs over a fire so grilled.
7. Hat or Sunglasses


Sunglasses. I have terrible hat hair  I’m always wearing sunglasses but there are days I wear hats, depends on my mood/how strong the sun is.
8. Windows Down or AC all the way


AC all the way – Hong Kong is super warm, and people need to have the AC in summer.  AC, I’d die without it.
9. Tanning Lotion or Sunscreen


Sunscreen. I don’t use tanning lotion  I used to love tanning oil but I’ve converted to sunscreen.
10. Baseball Game or Concert


Concert, not baseball game  Concert, preferably to see Drake (My bae).
11. Ice Cream or Popsicle


Icecream, mhmm – My favourite flavour is Jamoca Almond Fudge from Baskin & Robbins and from Emack & Bolios, it’s Mud Pie, which is really delicious.  Ice cream: Amorinos does the most amazing hazelnut and milk chocolate flavours and macadamian nut from Haagen Daz is amazing.
12. Fireworks or Fireflies


Fireworks – not fireflies ewww  They’re both beautiful in their own ways but fireworks are magical.
13. Flip Flops or Bare Feet


Flip-flops. I don’t like bare feet  Depends on whether I’m going out or not.
14. Water Balloons or Squirt Guns


Water balloons, I don’t use squirt guns Both as long as no one shoots/wets me.

Hope you like the post!

Divya and Sasha xx



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