Thrifty Thursdays: shoes, shoes, shoes!

Hey guys!

I’ve been wearing these shoes a lot recently, and so many people have asked me where they are from and how much they were. When I answer them back saying they’re from New Look and they were ONLY £30, so many people don’t believe it. (If you haven’t seen my summer haul video, you can click here to see the other amazing things I bought along with this pair of shoes). I know New Look doesn’t have the highest quality clothing, but their shoes are amazing. They’re so comfortable and trendy, it doesn’t make you feel guilty if you swap out your shoes seasonally/annually (like I typically do).


This particular pair is so mix-and-match friendly. I’ve worn these with blue jeans, shorts and a dress. My favourite way that I’ve worn these shoes was when I matched them with a pastel pink dress and I carried a nude bag. I’ve used them so many times already and I can say they are definitely good quality and I can tell they won’t start looking worn-out for a long time.


So if your looking out for a great deal, New Look is the perfect place to get new shoes. Let me know what you think of them, I bet you you wouldn’t be able to resist buying a pair.

Sasha xx


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