TRENDY TUESDAYS-Trendy & Timeless Jewellery Pieces

Hi everyone,

For Trendy Tuesday, I thought I would share a couple of trendy & timeless jewellery pieces for any collection.

I keep my everyday or special jewellery pieces on this IKEA Candle tray and it’s a simple, yet easy way of storing and finding jewellery when you’re on the go or have to dash in the mornings.


I think every girl should have an everyday silver chain with any pendant that they prefer. I have an infinity symbol which was heavily inspired from that TV Show, Revenge. I really like simple jewellery pieces, as I’m not a fan of very shiny things. You can’t go wrong with an everyday chain as it works with all outfits.


Gold feather earrings with a teal stone. If you’re wearing an all black look with these earrings, they really stand out. They have a very Egyptian feel and I’ve had these earrings for a couple of years and really love them. They’re not too heavy and a very unique piece.


Pearl earrings –  These are my everyday, go to pink pearls. I wear these to work and this pair was given to me by my grandma and I love them.  They’re simple and elegant. I feel that every girl should have a pair of pearl earrings.


Silver leaf drop down earrings. These are pretty unique style and look beautiful. Invest in a statement pair of drop down earrings for the evening. I bought these many years ago, but still love this pair.


Gold bracelet – I bought this metallic gold swirly bracelet in Dubai many many years ago. Firstly it’s sentimental, and has that ‘jingle’ when you wear it and walk around, which I actually like. I think having a gold bangle or gold bracelet is perfect for a jewellery collection.


Shell ring – I love shells. I used to be that little girl on the beach collecting tons of shells and taking them home as souvenirs from holidays. Now, I don’t do it so much, because I know you’re taking away those poor little shell creatures homes. Although I do collect some of the more pretty shells as you can see in the top left of my jewellery tray. This shell ring was from Bali. My favourite colour is lime green and it has three pearl pieces on the left of the ring. It’s relatively uncommon to wear a shell ring, but looks great and a constant reminder that I wish I was on holiday!


Apart from a standard silver chain with a silver pendant piece. It’s great to have a colourful pendant too. This circle glass pendant I picked up from Venice and it’s beautiful. Be adventurous and pick something colourful to liven up any look.

What’s your favourite jewellery pieces?



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