Fashion fridays: how to take fabulous pictures

Hey guys! So I know some people take pictures for fun (like me), but I also know a bunch of people are aspiring bloggers and fashion bloggers. So I hope this helps you when you’re taking pictures. If you have any other tips and tricks that I’ve missed out let me know.

  1. Practice. Experiment with lighting, angles, where you take them etc. and see what you like best!
  2. Never go front on. Even if you’re at a 15% angle it makes all the difference.
  3. Hold the camera either at your level or above because this is the most flattering.
  4. Go on your tip toes. This makes you look taller and leaner. Trust me.
  5. Make the pictures seem like there’s movement. For example, place one leg in front of the other so it seems like you’re walking. This will make your picture seem not too pose-y.
  6. Don’t zoom in too much. Firstly, this can be unflattering. Secondly, sometimes the background can be interesting.
  7. Hold the camera in quirky ways. This can make your picture so much more interesting.
  8. Baby oil and sunblock are your best friends. They make you and your skin look amazing, gorgeous and dewy.
  9. Filters help on bad days. Have you ever taken what you think is the best picture of your life and then you realise that your huge spot can be seen? There are so many apps nowadays that can remove that spot or that can make it much less visible by choosing the right filter.
  10. Sometimes less is more. Don’t over complicate your pictures and KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

Sasha xx


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