THRIFTY THURSDAYS – Pack your travel makeup bag smartly!

Hi everyone!

I have some tips for how to pack your travel makeup bag smartly and I thought I would share them!

This is a Clinique travel bag which I picked up in the SASA in Central for $36HKD (That’s about £3!) It comes with a little case in the same print as well. My tip is: find a travel bag that’s waterproof and has two sections. I put my makeup brushes in the top and the main makeup products in the bottom. Also a bag that is flat-packed is very easy to store and takes up less space in a suitcase.

I always take spare ziploc bags and store them at the bottom of my travel makeup bag, both in a large and small size. This is just in case any product breaks or anything spills and leaks.

I take a little travel container and using a bit of washi tape and a biro, I label my products. (Although this one is slightly faded) That way I don’t forget what the product is. Also if I use a full-sized product and they have a travel size version. I will buy that too. It saves space in my toiletry bag.

Etude House offers promotions if you spend a certain amount in store. I was fortunate enough to buy the Moistfull Collagen Cream and get this little travel sized product on the size. It’s very cute! When I travel, I’ll put some of the full sized product into the smaller travel container and that way, I can keep refilling the product. (I do wash the container when the product is empty)

Let me know your travel makeup bag tips!



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