TRENDY TUESDAYS – My go to office case/pouch

Hi everyone!

For Trendy Tuesdays I thought I would share a little tip I have for anyone who goes to work or school. I take a little case/pouch with me everyday and it holds some of my go to items that are accessible. Nothing gets lost at the bottom of my bag. (I carry a tote bag)

My sister bought this really cute Jack Wills pencil case for my birthday two years ago and I love it! It’s waterproof and looks very cute. It’s the perfect size to hold all my little bits and bobs.

What I hold in my case –

  1. Phone Charger (It’s the one in red) I have a washi tape around mine because my Mum and I have the same one
  2. Revlon Colorbust in Honey Douche
  3. Packet of tissue
  4. My perfume of the moment – Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so fresh
  5. Little clip
  6. Eclipse mints
  7. Dettol Anti-bacterial gel
  8. EOS lip balm
  9. Bobbi Brown Concealer

Obviously your little go to bag can hold all of your personal items. Best part of the case is that you can transfer this little pouch  into any other bag.

I can’t recommend enough how much of a lifesaver this little case/pouch can be. You should definitely pack your own.

Let me know what’s in your little case/pouch!




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