Makeup Mondays: 12 ways to be acne-free

Hey guys!

I don’t think I’ve talked about this before, but I used to have really horrible skin and acne. I tried everything back then to get rid of it, from trying every single face wash to home remedies and masks, until I finally consulted with my dermatologist and he showed me what worked for me. I have oily/combination skin and my skin is really sensitive, which is why I am still prone to acne today. But I think I’ve learnt a few things over the years to help me not break out. Although these things have worked for me, they may not necessarily work for you, and you know your skin best so use your judgment or consult with your dermatologist if you want to try these out.

1. Do not touch your face. I know this sounds so strange, but you have so many germs and bacteria on your hands and by touching your face you’re spreading those on to that area. So if you really need to touch your face, wash your hands first.

2. Make sure your hair isn’t greasy. Everyone’s hair gets greasy after not being washed for a couple days. I have to wash mine every other day otherwise it looks like an oil spill has erupted on my head. Grease/oil that touches your face can irritate it and form spots, so keep your hair fresh.

3. Change your pillowcase often. Even if you only change your bedsheets once in two weeks/ once a month, I suggest changing your pillow case every week. Dirt (even though it’s not seen by the human eye) can build up and transfer onto your skin and block your pores which can lead to break outs.

4. Find a really good skincare regime that works for you and stick to it. I did this by consulting my dermatologist 10+ years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. I still use the soap and cleanser he’s told me to use, but I’ve added a few things over the years that I’ve tested and work for me.

5. Deal with spots immediately. Know what works for your skin and do it. For me, the day I get a spot, right before I go to bed (on clean skin) I apply witch stick to the area. This controls the spot and stops it from growing/spreading.

6. Always only buy oil-free skincare items and makeup. Spots form because of oil glands we have under our skin that overflow out onto the skin. So by adding more oil onto excessively oily glands is a disaster waiting to happen.

7. If you’re buying something new, try it out first on a small patch of skin. And I wouldn’t suggest that you choose your cheeks or T-zone. Generally, your toughest skin on your face is your chin since it’s the thickest and least sensitive. Someone once told me the skin under your eyes is like a piece of tissue, your face is like paper and your chin downwards is like cardboard. So if it has no reaction there, then go ahead and use it on the rest of your face.

8. Avoid wearing make up on blemishes. Your face receives its oxygen through your skin and by wearing makeup you’re blocking your face access to oxygen.

9. Clean your makeup brushes often and thoroughly. I deep clean my brushes once a month, but depending on how often you wear makeup and how dirty your brushes are, you may decide to do this more often.

10. Throw out old makeup. Believe it or not, makeup expires too. Generally, you shouldn’t keep makeup for more than six months (so I’ve heard). But some products, such as mascara should be swapped out after three months.

11. When you’re out and about control the oil level on your face. This isn’t a huge problem for me in the winter, but in the summer I try to control my oil, not let it control me. I use oil blotting papers (for a cheaper alternative just cut cookie sheets into squares) to keep me looking fresh and dewy instead of looking oily and potentially breaking out.

12. And lastly, eat a healthy diet with limited fried foods and drink lots of water. This is pretty self-explanatory, but the hardest to keep up with until it turns into a lifestyle rather than a good habit you’re trying to keep up with. Having a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and water is going to benefit you and your skin.

I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks to getting clearer skin. This is what I’ve been doing for a long time now and it’s worked for me. Let me know if you have any other tips or tricks that I’ve missed out or that I maybe don’t know about.

Sasha xx


2 thoughts on “Makeup Mondays: 12 ways to be acne-free

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    being healthy, staying hydrated, and avoiding touching my face at all costs saves me 🙂 great post ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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