Thrifty Thursdays: Sephora black charcoal mask

Hey guys! So I’ve been travelling around Europe and I went to El Corte Ingles (which is a chain of malls across Spain) in Marbella and I found a Sephora! Yay. So anyways, I stocked up on loads of things but I got this one face mask in particular which blew me away. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the product and I forgot to take a picture of the packaging and I tried looking for it for ages online but I can’t find it, SORRY! All I remember is that it was 5 euros – because it was a steal. (Just in case you wanted to get something similar, this would be my second go-to: click here).
So this product was branded as a purifying mask for oily/combination skin. I filled the cup to the level indicated with water and used the spatula to mix (super easy). Then I used the spatula and I had to work really quickly to apply an even layer on my face. I tried to keep the layer not too thick because I knew it would take forever to dry. I was a little annoyed that there was so much product left and I didn’t want to let it go to waste so my sister used it too.
I then left it on for 20 minutes and then peeled it off. Although the mask didn’t remove my blackheads, I was still very impressed with it. It felt so refreshing and my skin was instantly so much brighter and energised. I also felt like my face was super hydrated afterwards! I highly recommend buying this product because I saw instant results. If you think you know what it’s called or you go looking for it and find a link, please leave a comment below and share.
A picture of me wearing the mask once it was applied (before it dried fully).
Sasha xx

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