MAKEUP MONDAYS – Inuovi lipsticks and lashes

Hi everyone!

For Makeup Mondays, here’s a couple of products from a lesser known makeup brand  Inuovi, but one of my favourites.

Inuovi Prolash Ex 3

Inuovi lipstick in Wicked

Inuovi lipstick in Doll 

I do not regularly wear false eyelashes because I haven’t found a comfortable pair that I love and also I feel like false eyelashes should be reserved for special occasions. I picked out these eyelashes at SASA World to try out and I absolutely love them. They are dramatic, but honestly if you’re going to wear false eyelashes, why not go for a dramatic full glam look? The seam is relatively thin and comfortable when placed on the lashline. Also Inouvi supply their own lash glue, which is perfect if you’re travelling on the go as it’s in the same packet. I was so impressed with the quality of these lashes!

Wicked is such a unique colour and one of my all-time favourites. Inouvi lipsticks have ‘3D lip plumping action’;’co-polymer technology for long lasting colour’; and a ‘wet shine look’. The texture of these lipsticks doesn’t compare to ordinary brands, given that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a lipstick at all. Here goes my attempt at describing the colour – it’s a soft red with orange and slight brown undertones with little specks of glitter. This lipstick colour is not something you could duplicate easily, which is why I think that the Inouvi lipstick range deserves some credit. They’ve really taken the time to develop a range of colours that are not only “out-there” but also suitable for many different skin types.

Doll is comparatively richer and creamier than Wicked, which is spot on since the colour is a more plum/maroon shade. I wear this shade more frequently in Autumn/Winter. It compliments a simple black winged eyeliner look.

Have you tried Inouvi? If so what’s your favourite lipstick colour?



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