THRIFTY THURSDAYS – your cheap and ‘starter’ adult closet

Hey guys! So I know what it’s like to wake up one day and think what is my closet? I found myself in that position a few years ago (to read about it, click here:      ) I found pink frilly tops and printed skirts but where were my essentials? Where was my classic white t? Or my go-to LBD? I didn’t have them so I slowly started building them into my wardrobe. From my experience, this is the minimum you need in your closet, the rest are add-ons.

  1. Black and white t-shirts: you should never underestimate the power of a good black or white t-shirt. They are undoubtedly the most basic things you need to have. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. And not to mention, you have so much choice: do you prefer crew necks, high necks, V-necks?!
    My personal favourites are from Zara:
  2. Black blazer: this is so important. And it’s just as important to have the blazer fitted correctly. As Ryan Gosling would say, “You’re wearing a 42 when you should really be wearing a 40” (Crazy, Stupid, Love).
    I got mine for HK $400 from G200 and the quality is excellent.
  3. Little Black dress: how could you go wrong here? Something that looks effortless, yet you put in effort, trendy, but not loud, and simple, yet elegant. But with so much choice, this always ends up being the hardest thing to buy!
    Check out asos for their extensive collection:
  4. Jeans: the truth is, you need more than one pair. But you need one dark wash pair which will go with everything. So nothing over the top, nothing fancy and no rips, just standard jeans (cut of your choice, obviously).
    My favourite jeans cut is skinny. I’m really picky with jeans too because if it isn’t comfortable, I’m not going to wear them. So my advice: pick something you’re not going to moan and groan at.
  5. Black skirt: something you can add a top to and be done with. Straight cut, wide flare, bodycon, whatever you like is right. Choose to dress it up, dress it down, it’s completely up to you!
  6. A summer dress: something to just throw on when you don’t know what else to wear. You can pull it off during the other seasons over the year by adding a plain t-shirt underneath or by layering it with a cardigan.

Sasha xx


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