Hey guys!

I’m obsessed with bags and although I use most bags all year round, there are some which just seem more appropriate for summer.


  1.  Mansur Gavriel: I love this bag. It was a gift but even if it wasn’t, I would probably have gone out and bought it for myself anyways. I think it’s the perfect bag for summer because it’s light, it’s got shoulder straps and it’s very understated.
  2.  Celine: I am obsessed. I am in love with beige as I think it makes this bag so versatile and allows me to use this in both summer and winter.  I like how big this bag is so I can carry around all my things when I have a long day.
  3. Nali: I don’t know much about this brand, other than I found it on ASOS a few years ago. I love the wooden/earthy look the bag has. This bag also has a chain trap which can be hidden if you don’t want to use it.
  4. Chanel: I use this bag in both summer and winter but I definitely get more use out of this in the summer. I love the bright red, especially against a very neutral outfit because it instantly adds brightness and fun.
  5. H&M: I found this fringe bag in New York last year and I love the size. It’s not too big but not too small, and it holds it’s shape quite well once it’s filled with things. It’s very versatile and it can add some fun to any outfit.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! What are your favourite bags for the summer?

Sasha xx


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