THRIFTY THURSDAY – 30 days Water Challenge

Hi everyone,

This isn’t directly makeup or fashion related, but having done the 30 day Water Challenge, I have saved quite a bit on lattes, tea and alcohol! So I guess that’s perfectly suited to being thrifty.

My reason for the challenge

From 25th April 2016 – 25th May 2016 I decided to do the 30 day Water Challenge. My reason was pretty simple – I’m a massive tea lover and I drink tea daily. Perhaps it’s having lived in England for many years, where tea is a staple and part of everyday life. Having a cup of tea is part of social interaction, if you’re sad you have a cup of tea (I learnt this through watching Eastenders). Any excuse to have tea is given.

However, I don’t take to caffeine very well. If I have caffeine after 3-4pm I will stay awake till 1am. So I switched my afternoon and evening tea to decaf. I love the taste of tea – black and no sugars. Although if I’m feel indulgent, maybe a dash of milk. I was so reliant on having my cup of tea in the morning, that without it, I felt that I couldn’t wake up to start my day and be productive. If I was in a rush and missed that first cup of tea, I would feel completely thrown off balance and unproductive for the first working hour.

I decided I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could shake my reliance on tea to start my day.

The Challenge

The first day was incredibly difficult, I had a headache and the temptation to have a cup of tea was very high. It took three to four days of constant headaches due to caffeine withdrawal and then after that I struggled just drinking water. Once the first week was over, I was consuming about 2-3litres  per day.

Pros –

  • My skin condition has improved considerably. My skin feels nourished, the blemishes cleared up and some days I can get away without anything apart from concealer, which is a massive deal!
  • I’m hydrated and suffer from less headaches.
  • My energy levels have improved and I don’t need to rely on caffeine to start the day. I was feeling less tired.
  • I’m consuming less calories and lowering the spikes in my sugar level from drinking caffeinated drinks.

Cons –

  • I am constantly peeing, which may not be a problem per se, but still it’s somewhat annoying to keep on going to the bathroom haha
  • It can be difficult especially when socialising to avoid a coffee or a drink in the evening. I found myself avoiding meeting friends over coffee because I felt a bit strange going for water.

On the whole there are more pros than cons and I feel great and refreshed.

After the Challenge

I naturally feel more thirsty and drink more water. I don’t need any caffeine to start my day. I am drinking other drinks but in moderation and I’ve only had a cup of tea a couple of times. I’ve really made an effort to keep up the challenge as best as I can because I genuinely have seen the health benefits.

Please give this challenge a go! Let me know in the comments how your experience went.

Stay healthy!





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