THRIFTY THURSDAYS – 20 Ways To Save With Makeup

Hi everyone!

Sasha wrote a fantastic piece on “Shopping on a budget” and I thought I would accompany that post with 20 ways to save on makeup.

(1) Don’t assume that because a makeup item is more expensive, it MUST be better quality. (Trust me, I’ve done this before). Do your research! I check  for reviews and to see whether anyone in my age group with a similar skin type has any comments about the product and whether to purchase it.

(2) I will splurge on certain types of makeup such as – bronzer, eyeshadow and foundation. However you won’t catch me buying a high-end mascara, because I personally find drugstore mascaras so much better. If you’re on a budget – try lipliners and powders from the drugstore, they’re just as good.

(3) If you’re in the UK, make sure you have a Boots Advantage Card and use it! 3 for 2 offer on most cosmetics SAVES a lot of money! Also if you’re collecting points, make sure to check out the machines in store with coupons on what you can save on during that particular day or week.

(4) If you’re in HK and possess a student card, show it to the cashier for a 5% discount at SASA. If you have a SASA VIP card then always use it at the till for a discount off your total goods.

(5) If you are unsure about purchasing a full sized- product, see if they have the travel size. I know Benefit is notorious for having cute, affordable travel sized products. Perfect for on the go travel and for trying new products.

(6) It’s the summer and what was your (perfectly matched foundation shade) is looking slightly paler on your skin. Here’s a tip – take that foundation and mix it with some moisturiser. Then using a fluffy brush and a matte bronzer, lightly dust it all over your face. The bronzer will stick to the foundation and moisturiser mix. To set your makeup, buff a translucent powder into the skin and voila!

(7) It’s the winter and what was your (perfectly matched foundation shade) is looking slightly darker on your skin. Not too worry, mix on the back of your hand the foundation with some moisturiser and you’ll be able to use your foundation during the Winter.

(8) Don’t fork out money on Brush cleansers. Use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). It’s cheaper and santises your brushes quickly. (See my full post on this!)

(9) Check the sale sections on online websites. A couple of my favourites are – Feelunique and BeautyBay. They introduce new ranges of products and also send samples when you purchase online.

(10) Purchase online makeup at the right time of the year. If you can wait for a major holiday – i.e Black Friday or Christmas and you’re not in any particular rush to receive your product- you might be able to score free shipping. I did on FeelUnique last year during Black Friday and was very pleased.

(11) If you’re ordering online or making an in store purchase, don’t be embarrassed to ask for samples if you’re not sure about getting a product- whether that be perfume or a skincare product. Most retailers have sachets or little samples to take-away. Try and get a couple of uses to make sure  you really love the product before buying!

(12) Like a seasonal makeup trend? Don’t buy that high-end coral lipstick, unless you intend to wear coral throughout the year. Instead, go to the drugstore and see if there’s a coral you can try. Most beauty bloggers list dupes for more expensive products, so have a look at those.

(13) Broken a powdered product? Don’t fret. Add a little rubbing alcohol, smooth out the edges and wait for the product to dry. You don’t need to buy a new one, until it’s completely finished!

(14) Invest in quality makeup brushes – (this might sound strange, but hear me out) Whether you choose to buy high end makeup or drugstore makeup, it’s immaterial unless you apply the makeup well. That means adequately blending that eyeshadow in the crease or buffing that foundation into your skin. Whilst some cheaper makeup brushes do the trick, more often that not, the brushes lose their hairs and the bristles are not stiff enough. Cheaper makeup brushes do not last for many years. If you’re on a budget, buy one to three good brushes a year and gradually build a collection.

(15) Try to avoid buying the whole makeup brushes set (as in 20+ brushes)- you’re unlikely to use all the brushes and have to pay for a hefty sum upfront. Instead wait for makeup brands such as MAC to release their special brush set collection. This happens around Christmas and you have to get to your MAC store late November/early December as they sell out fast! You get about 4-5 brushes which come in a cute pouch and are specific to eyes, face or a core collection. This way you can pick which brushes you’re most likely to use and as a bonus, they are cutely decorated and limited edition. No one else will have them!

(16) If you follow your favourite youtubers or beauty bloggers, look in the description box for youtube-product collaborations. Many youtubers have discount codes for the products they advertise. All you do is input the special code into the checkout on a website and you get a discount. It’s a great way to see a product, watch a review on it, know you want to try it out and get a discount!

(17) – Some makeup brands are available at large store department stores – such as Debenhams, House of Fraser and ASOS. More often or not they have 10% off beauty sales and you’ll be able to find your favourite products to repurchase at lower prices. If not google “voucher codes Debenhams” and see if they have a voucher code for the current month. You’ll be surprised at how many deals they have online.

(18) Makeup inevitably expires at some point. Think twice before purchasing a high end product, which you know you’ll only get a couple of uses from. e.g. mascara’s expires 2-3 months after being opened. So if you’re like me and rarely use mascara, it’s not the best idea to fork out £30 on a high end mascara.

(19) Some Makeup Products have many uses – i.e NARS Multiple Sticks – yes they’re on the more expensive side, but if you can use one product on your cheeks, lips and eyes, then that’s an extremely economical way of doing makeup. My advice is choose a colour wisely, preferably something with a neutral tone and not too shimmery!

(20) Sometimes gift sets are a great way of getting more bang for your buck. I bought the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G  Mini Lip Charm Trio for £29 and I love the three shades. A full-sized product retails for £23. They’re absolutely gorgeous and I love the formulation of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. To get three lipstick colours for £29 is a bargain! Have a look at gift sets when shopping.

Shop smarter and buy more makeup!

Please comment on your own tips on how you save money on makeup. Do you follow any of these? If so, let me know!






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