TRENDY TUESDAYS – bardot tops, dungarees, mules and more

Hey guys! So with summer in full force (at least it is here in Hong Kong), I thought it would be fitting to talk about summers trends and give you my verdict on them.

Bardot tops: Not a huge fan of this one! Although I think some people can pull this off really well and look AMAZING, this is not my favourite on myself. If you haven’t got one yet and you like choices, search ‘bardot’ on

Bell-sleeves: I love this trend. I actually went shopping to Forever21 yesterday and I bought quite a few bell-sleeve tops (watch this space for a haul coming soon)!

Cold shoulder tops: I’m obsessed. Whenever I see something cold shoulder, I want to buy it. There’s something so appealing about them. I love how cold shoulder tops and dresses can be both formal or informal, depending on how you style the rest of your outfit.

Denim shirts: I no longer actually consider this a trend. I feel like these have been in style consistently over time that they have actually become a staple and classic item in every girl’s closet. I can speak for myself and my closest friends and I know we all own at least one. But, as a style, if it’s paired correctly (please do not mix different shades of denim) I like it. I think my favourite way of wearing this is by pairing it with a fun, colourful statement necklace and white jeans.

Dungarees: I think what happened in the 90’s should stay in the 90’s, with the exception of dungarees. Although I’m a total sucker for the classic denim ones, I also love a fun bright coloured dungaree.

Espadrilles: LOVE! I have a collection of my own. These have been summer-trending for two years running now and with great reason. They are so effortless, chic and most importantly comfortable. They are so versatile and come in so many colours and styles, check these fancier ones out from Steve Madden or these more laid back ones from River Island (sold at Zalora).

Mule flats: I’m not going to lie, this is my least favourite trend. I’m not sure what the obsession over mules are. I quite like the mules with heels, but the flats look unfinished and unaesthetically pleasing to me. This is a trend that I hope leaves ASAP.

Tie-Dye: Yes, yes, yes! This can stay forever. I’m not a huge fan of the super-crazy yellows and pinks, but the blue/white combinations I can never have enough of! My favourite tie-dye item at the moment is this indigo kimono by, get yours before they sell out!

Sasha xx


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