MAKEUP MONDAYS- Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate


Happy Makeup Mondays everyone!

I indulged over the weekend and purchased the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate in 01 Intensity One.

I’ve been looking for a creamy contour kit for awhile now and I wanted something easy to apply and simple enough, i.e. two shades – a bronzer and highlighter. You can’t really go wrong with Tom Ford – the packaging is gorgeous,sleek and the makeup quality is luxurious.

At a glance, the colour does appear to be warmer than what I would normally go for, but the makeup assistant blended the product effortlessly into the hollows of my cheekbones and my jawline and I adored the overall look.


Above: I swatched the product on my hand and have not added any filters of any kind. This is natural lighting.

(1) The highlighter – is creamy, not glittery and adds a natural glow. I feel that my cheeks look more youthful.

(2) The bronzer – the texture is creamy, but not greasy. Blends easily and is perfect for a tanned summer look or a more defined contoured look.

I haven’t had the pleasure of incorporating this product into my everyday makeup look as yet, but I can’t wait.

What’s your favourite contour product? Please leave a comment!

Have a lovely week!




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