FASHION FRIDAYS – May 2016 collective haul: Asos, Zara, TopShop and Cotton On

Sooooooo for those of you who don’t know me, Hi I’m Sasha, and I’m a Shopaholic. I made a few purchases in May – and I bought everything online, except the white Zara top (and I can’t find a link to that, I think it’s sold out? Sorry!) But everything else is listed and linked to below with my reviews as well.

(If you’re like me and you prefer watching the video instead you can stop right here:


  1. Oasis Multi Row Toepost Sandals  – I have worn these every single day since I got them about a week and a half ago. They are so comfortable and because they’re neutral they match with everything. Just make sure you’ve had your pedi done because no one wants to see uncut, half polished toe-nails (I know it’s gross, but I have to admit, that’s me sometimes).
  2. River Island Embellished Tie Up Flat Sandal – I haven’t worn these out yet, but I think they are so nice to look at. They’re a gorgeous light periwinkle sort of  pastel-y colour and they would be best paired with a whole outfit of pastel-y coloured items. The perfect hashtag for this item would be #summersixteenfashiongoals.
  3. ASOS Textured Rose Headband – In my mind, this was a perfect purchase. I spent hours looking for a flower headband so I can channel my inner festival boho chic self this summer at Wireless music festival, but everything was either too expensive or too colourful. I like how understated, neutral and affordable this headband is, it will allow me to play around with my outfit.
  4. Missguided Mesh Insert Lace Skater Dress – This is SO stunning. I do feel a little bit deceived because the non-sheer parts are actually non-sheer on the model, but are partially sheer in real life, but (hopefully) that can be fixed. I also did feel a little bad because I have never spent so much on a Missguided item, but I definitely learnt my lesson. But still, it’s still so undeniably beautiful.


  1. White top – Sorry I can’t find this online, I think it’s sold out. Although I’m not gushing over this alternative, it’s similar to the one I have – click here. I haven’t felt the alternative, but just by eye-balling it, I can tell it’s not as silky soft as my white top is. I love how comfortable and effortless it looks on top of a swimsuit or with a pair of denim shorts. If it comes back in stock, make sure to get your hands on it.
  2. Crochet shorts – the exact colour and style I got isn’t in stock anymore, but Zara’s selling this one which is very similar!  I actually think I prefer these shorts to the one I have because I like wearing navy blue- it’s more versatile in my opinion. Not to mention the drawstring tie, which makes it so casual chic. LOVE IT!
  3. Oversized shirt – I found it really hard to pick whether I wanted to buy this in the bubble gum pink, light grey or the khaki. The bubble gum pink is fun, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear it all year round because of the vibrant colour, so I ruled that out. Then I was down to the light grey and khaki but due to the excessive amount of grey clothes I have, and the fact that I think khaki suits my skin tone well – I decided on the khaki. This is hands down the best thing I bought this month. It’s so easy to throw on – buttoned up or down, with jeans, leggings or shorts – I’ve done all within the last week and it’s just SO comfortable. I’ve gotten so many compliments and it was so affordable too. Word of advice: buy this now, it’s a wardrobe staple that you can never go wrong with.


  1. Circle ‘S’ Initial Ditsy Necklace – I was really sad that this arrived broken. I think it’s so pretty and a perfect dainty accessory for everyday use. I tried profusely to fix it, and I haven’t given up yet. I’m determined to fix it and flaunt it.
  2. Pineapple Ice Cube – Yellow – You know those people who you pity at the store because they get sucked into buying the novelty items which we all know are useless? Well, that’s me. And yes, I actually do question myself sometimes after buying something I know I probably will never use, but then I try and justify it to myself. This was definitely one of those purchases. I’ve convinced myself that it’s so cute and summer drinks would look better with frozen ice pineapples in them. So watch this space, if I ever get around to use it, I’ll be boasting about it on here.
  3. Halter Wrap Swimsuit – I wanted to get this a few months ago actually, but they sold out within a few hours on the website so I missed my window and I’ve been hunting for it ever since. I think this swimsuit is so fashion forward and I love the material. Last year I bought a lime green monokini from TopShop with similar material and it was so flattering, I wore it all summer long. Definitely a fan of this.
  4. Lattice High Neck Swimsuit – Black – Although I liked this item on the website, I’m not sure how I feel about it now that I have it. I think it’s definitely one of those things that looks better from afar, or through a very deceiving screen. The material feels flimsy and cheap. I’ve tried it on a few times, but the verdict is still out on this one.
  5. Pointelle Mesh Cold Shoulder Top – I love this jumper. I’m obsessed with the dusty pink colour and the cut-out shoulders. I tried this on with my black jeans with cuts at the knee and I thought it was a perfect outfit. I’ll be travelling around Europe this summer and it’s an evening/night-time look I’ll be wearing. Plus, it’s perfect for a Hong Kong winter, it’s not too thick.

Sasha xx


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