THRIFTY THURSDAYS -glasses and shopping baskets half empty or full?

It’s not everyday that I fall in love with a pair of sunglasses. I tend to have this love/hate relationship with them: love them in the magazine/ in the store/ on the mannequin/ on other people, but most of the time, hate them on myself. I’m not sure if I’m really picky or if it’s normal? Anyways, I came across this gorgeous pair of sunglasses when I was online shopping (which I’m sadly always doing):

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 22.10.44

They’re Fendi’s Mirrored Zig Zag Cat Eye Sunglasses (shop hereand it’s priced at a hefty US $500. But despite how dreamy looking they are, I wasn’t prepared to spend that much on them. I eventually forgot about them until I saw a friend of mine wearing something SO similar and I had to ask where they were from and how much they were. To my astonishment, she told me they were from Cotton On and they were US $10 for 1 pair and  $13 for 2 pairs.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 22.20.52.pngCotton On’s Gigi Cat Eye Sunnies (shop here). I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them and I have never been happier with a pair of sunglasses before. They’re an excellent dupe, they’re durable, they look expensive and I guess most importantly, they compliment my face shape. I highly recommend Cotton On’s sunglasses, they’re so trendy and fun, and best of all you don’t feel guilty for spending a fortune on them.

Please share with me where you get your sunnies from!

Sasha xx


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