TRENDY TUESDAYS – Collagen by Watsons (Moisturising & Gentle Peeling Milk)


I have happily been using Cure Natural Aqua Gel for many years. I was pleased with its gentle exfoliating peel and how satisfying it was to remove the dead skin off my face. (it sounds disgusting, but it is so therapeutic!)

I went to Watsons to repurchase my makeup staple and to my dismay, they stopped selling it (typical Hong Kong shop behaviour).


The shop assistant insisted Collagen by Watsons Moisturising & Gentle Peeling Milk was a great alternative, so I purchased it.


I was initially apprehensive because the Cure is essentially a water gel, whereas the Collagen product contains milk as well as egg white extract.


However comparing both products application :


Collagen by Watsons —  is easier to use, the dead skin falls off the skin and the milk makes it easier to wash your face after. The combination of milk and egg white extract leaves my skin feeling silkier.






Peeling gels should be used 1-2 times a week and no more as the product is intended to remove dead skin.


I finish off with my skin classic – Green People Vitamin Fix. (more on this fantastic product later!)



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